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A Scientific Journey through Our Daily Life


Science is nothing, but the study of things around us. With the drastic advancement to technology, science and scientific approaches have become part of our daily life. From food and water purification to fashion designing, science has given something or another in every sector. If you are asking “How science influence our daily life?” you can surely have the answer if you start looking around.

Science in Health Sector:

Science has made miracles in the medical sector. Science has provided a number of medications and vaccines that helps us be fit through our daily life and help us continue our routine. Antiseptic creams, band aid, methods of plastering if any limb is broken and so on New born babies are given vaccines to protect them from deadly diseases like Hepatitis, polio, small pox, diphtheria, measles and number of other diseases.

These days, we want to have a fit body and join a gym to have the same. The advance gym machines also display the influence of science in our daily life.

Science In Food Industry:

Food is a necessary of life and advancement of science has high influence in packaging of foods to processing them. In our daily life, we use a number of packaged or processed food that is made through a very complicated scientific approach to keep it free from bacteria and give the food a longer life.

The kitchen appliance that helps us to make the cooking process faster and retains the nutrients in the food intact is a blessing from science. In fact, we use science to develop dish washing soaps or liquids that are used to clean used dished and utensils and keeps them bacteria free that automatically helps us to life a healthy life.

The purification of water for daily intake is also one of the ways through which science influences our daily life.

Daily Use of Science For Construction:

We live in a home and have a life in it Sometimes, we forget the hard work engineers have put to make it Be it home, office, hospitals or roads, science has laid its influence in the construction procedure to make it strong, durable and beautiful.

Daily Use of Science For Communication:

We talk through cell phones, chat over social networking sites and send emails in our daily life. We communicate with different parts of the world through to blessing of science.

Daily Use of Science For Entertainment and Fashion Industry:

Advancement of science has changed the entertainment industry. We have movies, animations, CDs, DVDs, recordable players, live watching of sports, playing computer games and so on

Fashion has changed a lot with time and improved dress materials are made with advanced machines and sometimes help in bulk production of clothes.

If we discuss about the influence of science in our daily life, the list will go on and on So, the question “How science influence our daily life?” is just the initiation for a never ending answer.